All the advantages of the disposable mattress pad

The linen for the hotel bed must be carefully chosen to ensure golden dreams for its customers. Experience teaches us that it is not enough to choose only quality products but to balance good quality solutions that have sustainable costs for our accommodation facility.

As we know, one of the most vulnerable elements of the bed is the mattress, which is one of the most expensive elements, on which it is not possible to save money because it must guarantee maximum support and comfort during the hours of rest, throughout its life cycle.

The mattress is also one of the elements of the room about hotel renovation in Greece that must be replaced periodically, based on the number of nights spent. To avoid damage such as stains resulting from the consumption of food and drink, or other organic residues, in addition to the sheets we can choose to use protective linens for the mattress, which is essential to prolong the life of the upholstery.

In some accommodation facilities it is recommended to replace ordinary linen with disposable ones to optimize costs. In this case, the ratio between the number of nights, the average length of stays and the number of rooms or housing units that are managed must be calculated.

In particular, disposable mattress covers but also disposable sheets and towels can be useful in accommodation facilities such as B & Bs, landlords or even holiday homes, tourist villages and residences. In fact, for practicality and for saving bathroom and bed linen, disposable solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

The material is characterized by excellent quality, is soft to the touch and is characterized by its high breathability. In detail, it is precisely the careful choice of materials that makes this product "silent" even when stressed by movement. In addition, the disposable mattress covers proposed by Fas Italia are fresh and breathable and do not create any unpleasant sensation of heat.