Do everything yourself

Do everything yourself or rely on a specialized company like On Line Metafores? Rules and advice for moving house on a budget, without stress or inconvenience ...

The stress of moving. The three main causes of stress: bereavement, separation and relocation (from a survey by the Italian Psychology Association).

How to deal with a move. The best way to deal with a move is to prepare it in time. This will allow you to reduce the workload on the days of the transfer and spend less, being able to choose the cheapest offer.

Alone or with a company? The first decision to make: to move alone or to rely on a specialized company. In the first case, the expense will certainly be less, but it is necessary to have manual skills, help from friends or family and furniture that is not too bulky to transport.

The do-it-yourself move. Here's what you need for a do-it-yourself move:

• a van. If you book in advance it costs 60/80 euros per day with unlimited mileage. A van with a capacity of 14 cubic meters allows you to move to a house of 50 square meters with only two trips;

• cartons (usually 30 × 40 cm and 40 × 50 cm) and packing tape (read here all the rules for packaging);

• bubble wrap (bubble wrap);

• old blankets and ropes for tying furniture to the van.

Disassemble and reassemble. The most complicated part of the do-it-yourself move is the disassembly and reassembly of the furniture, especially the kitchen (many blogs and specialized sites recommend leaving it to the new tenant, if it is not of excessive value).