Moving Tips

After talking about how much it costs to move a bedroom, let's try today to understand which variables affect the cost of moving a kitchen. It is obvious that the voices involved are many: a kitchen can be more or less large, more or less accessible, more or less distant from the destination address ... The cost of moving a kitchen on μετακομίσεις στην Αθήνα, for example, will certainly be higher than the cost of moving the same kitchen from one place to another in the same province.

And so on depending on the parameters we take into consideration. Also pay attention to the work to adapt the furniture and to connect the gas and electricity. A basic move that involves only the disassembly and transport of the kitchen can have a very low cost, starting from 300-400 euros. To this estimate, however, ordinary and extraordinary factors must be added to be evaluated from time to time. Let's see the main ones below.


In what conditions is the kitchen to be moved? This question is crucial in calculating basic costs. What makes the difference is the state of the furniture (wall units, sideboards, tables): do they need to be dismantled or are they already packed? And once on site, is it up to the movers to reassemble and place them, or is it an operation that the owner will take care of? Again: are carpentry work required for post-moving furniture modification? Considering that it is very, very difficult to find a kitchen of similar size and with the connections arranged in the previous way, we can say that this item is good to always or almost always take it into account.


The kitchen could be located on the ground floor of a country house, easy to reach even with a simple van. However, we will also have frequent scenarios in which the kitchen is located on the top floor or on the upper floors of an apartment without stairs, for which the intervention of special means such as the PianoPlan robot or mobile cranes with platform is required to access the kitchen from the balcony. In the case of public land and not private property, a request for the occupation of the street or square must be made: without the authorization of the municipality you risk even hefty fines!

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